Comprehensive Decorating Services in Greater Manchester

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Transform the look of your property by utilising our first-class painters and decorators. Here at Spotless Removals and Clearances, based in Greater Manchester, and The North West, we are able to provide a huge range of decorating services to both domestic and commercial clients. From one room through to full house projects, interior decorating to exterior work, we’re able to give your property a complete makeover.

One of our spotless contract decorators even works on national trust contracts. We also a offer free colour counselling consultation which assists the client to appreciate the mood and theme of different colour schemes. This can even transform the lives of people with autistic spectrum syndrome or depression and dementia related conditions.

A Fresh, New Look

Whether your moving or selling your house, our decorating services make sure your home gets a stunning new look. We can make sure the home is ready for you or your new client to move into. 

Decorated Room

 Contact our painters and decorators, in Greater Manchester, and The North West, for more information on our decorating services.